Lockhart wins her Second Round

by Michelle on December 10, 2011

Lisa Lockhart and her buckskin steed Louie, finished the cloverleaf pattern in 13.79 seconds bringing her earnings for the week over $79,000. Not bad for having tipped a couple barrels. Out of the average Lisa will be going for the win again in round 10. Lindsay Sears says she’ll be going for the round win in 10 too even though she leads the average. Martha is an “all out” kind of horse and they will be laying it all out on the line in round 10. The gold buckle is Lindsay’s to win after Pozzi hit her second barrel in round 8 and Cervi her first in the same round.

The only gold buckle to have been secured so far this week is cowboy Kaycee Feild who joins Hall of Fame father as rodeo world champion (bareback riding). Having won the first 4 rounds Feild was well on his way. He has continued to ride strong all week.

The steer wrestling continues to be a tight race with the average and world championship being open to many. It will come down to a one header in the 10th round. Watch for Luke Branquino, Jason Miller and Shaun Greenfield as they duke it out.

Kaycee Fields may not be the only second generation cowboy crowned. Tuf Cooper looked well on his way with a 6.8 second calf run, but add a 10 second penalty and any world championship security is gone. With Cody Ohl as your greatest competition, you’d have reason to push the line. However in round 9, Ohl put himself out of contention missing on his first loop and running out of time on the second. Tuf needs a solid run in round 10 to secure his position.

After winning 4 rounds this week Jesse Wright trails Taos Muncy in the Saddle Bronc standings by just over $14,000. Right has a substantial lead in the average over second place Muncy.

In the bull riding its still a two-man affair between world standings leader Shane Proctor and J.W. Harris. Proctor has earned $216,614 this season and sits third in the average race heading into the final round. Harris is one spot back in both the world and average standings.

In the team roping watch for Clay Tryan and Travis Graves. Last nights performance moved Graves back in the lead for heelers and Tryan for headers.The pair is fourth in the average. Watch out for Turtle Powell and Jhett Johnson who have moved to first in the average with a 5.0-second run that placed sixth in the round. Powell is second in the heading world standings, while Johnson is third in the heeling standings. Both teams will watch to win, but stay in that average. It will be a nail biter.

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Barrel Racing results:
9th Go Results
1) Lisa Lockhart/An Oakie With Cash – 13.79 – $17,884.62
2) Jody Sheffield/Skip The Finances – 13.82 – $14,134.62
3) Brittany Pozzi/Yeah Hes Firen – 13.88 – $10,673.08
4) Carlee Pierce/Rare Dillion – 13.90 – $7,500.00
5) Angie Meadors/Mulberry Canyon Moon – 13.98 – $4,615.38
6) Lindsay Sears/Sugar Moon Express – 13.99 – $2,884.62
7) Jeanne Anderson/Flaming Fire Bug – 14.00
7) Tammy Fischer/Easy Dash Oak – 14.00
9) Sherry Cervi/MP Meter My Hay – 14.09
10) Jane Melby/RC Back In Black – 14.10
11) Christina Richman/Xtrared – 14.16
12) Brenda Mays/Judge Buy Cash – 14.44
13) Sue Smith/Real Claim To Fame – 19.00
14) Britany Fleck/Dasher Dude – 19.06
15) Jill Moody/GS Doco Daisy – 24.22

NFR Average Results – Through the 9th Round
1) Lindsay Sears/Sugar Moon Express – 125.75
2) Christina Richman/Xtrared – 128.12
3) Brenda Mays/Judge Buy Cash & Judge My Fame – 128.86
4) Sherry Cervi/MP Meter My Hay – 131.08
5) Jody Sheffield/Skip The Finances – 131.32
6) Tammy Fischer/Easy Dash Oak – 132.26
7) Jeanne Anderson/Flaming Fire Bug – 132.69
8 Brittany Pozzi/Yeah Hes Firen – 134.64
9) Lisa Lockhart/An Oakie With Cash – 135.62
10) Angie Meadors/Mulberry Canyon Moon & Heza Bug Leo – 137.30
11) Jane Melby/RC Back In Black & RC Brooks A Streakin– 141.76
12) Jill Moody/Chasin Firewater & GS Doco Daisy – 149.24
13) Sue Smith/Real Claim To Fame – 151.65
14) Britany Fleck/Dasher Dude – 153.23
15) Carlee Pierce/Rare Dillion & Blue Moon Fling– 154.52

World Championship Standings—End of 9th Round
1) Brittany Pozzi – $192,724.80
2) Lindsay Sears – $178,864.17
3) Sherry Cervi – $162,203.21
4) Lisa Lockhart – $159,709.86

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