Schmidt and Flewelling Set Their Sites on Conquering 2014

by Katy on December 10, 2013

Two new roping horses showed great promise and are now looking forward their second season on the professional rodeo circuit.

Domination was the name of the game for two young team ropers that were recently named the 2013 Canadian Finals Rodeo Team Roping Champions. Kolton Schmidt, the 19-year-old header from Barrhead, and Tyrel Flewelling 27-year-old heeler from Lacombe, were ecstatic after winning the opening night of the Canadian Finals, but little did the pair know they would leave the finals with two more round wins, over $30,000 in total earnings and the coveted title of Canadian Champion.

Both competitors were aboard horses that were new to the pro rodeo scene and making their first trip to the Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta. Schmidt’s “Tuffys Badger Chex” and Flewelling’s “Kid Horse” will be making waves again next year in both the Canadian Pro Rodeo and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Associations.


What is your Horse’s Barn Name?

Tuffy’s Badger Chex – “Badger” – a 10-year-old Black Gelding that was started in the cutting pen but quickly took up roping. – Kolton Schmidt

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Kid Horse – “Tick” – also a 10-year-old gelding that was purchased from Jarred Burris of New Mexico in the spring. The sorrel had been competed on at many team roping jackpots and ranch rodeos but this is the first year Tick has had a full schedule of rodeos. – Tyrel Flewelling

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What do you like most about your horse?

“Badger is a winner, once we are in the arena I feel like me and him both are completely focused. He is a little bit of a goofy bugger, he runs away and snorts at you, he is most definitely not my pet! But I love that horse, he has made me a better roper from just riding him. He is so fast and athletic, I’m very fortunate for him to be mine. My favorite thing about him is that he does his absolute best every run we make I have to ask him to slow down and relax! Which I respect because I want him to be giving 110% every time.” – Kolton Schmidt


“My favourite thing about him would be his athleticism. He’s a great athlete and can run really hard and if you ask him he has a huge stop. Roping behind Kolton you need an athletic horse because he ropes them so fast and gets them out of there quick.” – Tyrel Flewelling


The team roper's new horses in action during a match roping hosted by the Schmidt Ranch

The team roper’s new horses in action during a match roping hosted by the Schmidt Ranch


How were you feeling before the finals started?

“Before the finals I didn’t have time to think too much about it. I was very busy with the large ropings down south and school so I was mainly excited to get home and see all my friends and family.” – Kolton Schmidt


“Going into this year’s finals I felt great.  I got a lot of practice in before Edmonton making me confident heading in.  I was lucky enough to go rope with six of the headers that were going to be competing at CFR this year (Brett Buss, Levi Simpson, Dale Skocdopole, Travis Gallais, Clay Ullery and Kolton Schmidt).  I think practicing with these elite ropers helped me be ready for the set up in Edmonton.” – Tyrell Flewelling.


Describe the roller coaster of emotions that the finals puts you through.

“I was happy with our team this year, we kept ourselves on a steady level and we didn’t get too far ahead our ourselves and not too far behind us. We were mentally tough and I think that allowed us to win.”  – Kolton Schmidt


“The CFR is unique in the way that you are at one spot from Tuesday until Sunday. All you think about is your next run in Rexall.  We started out on a roll winning the first two go-rounds, which set a positive tone; at the same time you don’t want to get ahead of yourself but you can’t wait to run your next steer.  Even following our no-time after Friday night I was still feeling really good about our chances because the rodeo was only half over.” – Tyrel Flewelling


How did it compare to your finals in 2011?

“The finals in 2011 was a blur for me, I can hardly tell you what we did or what steers we ran. I was very young both age and mental wise and I felt like 2013 I was ready for it and can see everything happening in front of me now.” – Kolton Schmidt


“The comparisons are really similar.  In 2011 we won two go-rounds in a row as well as the average and only missed one steer. This year we won 3 go-rounds, missed 2 steers and won 2nd in the average. The major thing that was different was we both had different horses from 2011.  You are always a little nervous on how your horse will react to different situations but both horses handled it outstanding.” – Tyrel Flewelling


Do you think you’ve matured between that finals and now?

“I feel like I have adapted to the surroundings of rodeo and matured to allow me to rope a little better but I have such a long ways to go to be a fully matured rodeo athlete its not funny.” – Kolton Schmidt


“You are always striving to improve your roping and I think I had an advantage being in that situation before and it helped. However, I have matured in life from then.  I got married on May 4 to Carla Collins and we bought a house together in August.  I was dating her too in 2011 so she is my good luck charm!” – Tyrel Flewelling


Who has been your biggest influence to get you to where you are today?

“My parents are the full reason for me to be where I am today. I wish I could put it into words what they have done for me. I owe them the world and I just hope I am making them proud because I am so grateful for all they have helped me with.” – Kolton Schmidt


“I don’t think I can narrow it down to one person.  My family has been a huge influence on me to get me to this point. Any Canadian Champ has a community of helpers to get them to where they are at. My dad, brother and sister have turned me so many steers I can’t count them all. My mom will do anything from videotape to run the chute and my wife is my glue that keeps it all together.  She is there when it is going really good or when it’s not going so well.   She is the one that I can always talk to and help work things out in my head.” – Tyrel Flewelling


How much does this accomplishment mean to you and compare to your past accomplishments?

“This title means so much to me but I cant sit here and be living off that, its a new season now and I want to do it all again. But his title means a lot to me and the ones who support me, all the hard work we put into all summer and the dreams and times I’ve announced to myself while roping the dummy; putting myself in that situation then to do it in real life is a dream come true.” – Kolton Schmidt


“This one is pretty special.  When I won my first Canadian title it was a split win with Levi Simpson.  I was super happy to win but I couldn’t share it with my partner.  To get one with the kid feels pretty good.  I have been very fortunate since taking my card out in 2010 in winning two Canadian titles and a season leader saddle in that span.” – Tyrel Flewelling


Schmidt and Flewelling with their 2013 Canadian Champion Team Roper saddles

Schmidt and Flewelling with their 2013 Canadian Champion Team Roper saddles.


Do you consider yourself a “go for the round” competitor or did you think the average would get you there?

“I am an aggressive roper, I shoot to be sharp and just stay aggressive every run.” – Kolton Schmidt


“I think in a normal situation I am a guy that tries to catch every time but when you are looking at winning $5600 a round it’s hard not to try to go for them.”– Tyrel Flewelling


Did you ever imagine you would win so many rounds at the finals?

“Winning rounds at the finals is not a plan so I mean I guess I never planned on winning three but I did plan on making six good runs. We got three good runs under our belt so I guess we need to work on making six good runs and maybe win six rounds.” – Kolton Schmidt


“Any time you have Kolton Schmidt heading for you there is a chance to win the round.  You don’t go in to the CFR thinking that you are going to win three of the six go-rounds but that’s the way it worked out.” – Tyrel Flewelling


What’s next?

“In the next few years I want to make my rodeo career based down in the states, I would love to be able to do it down here.” – Kolton Schmidt

This year Kolton will be competing at many of the American rodeos in the PRCA circuit, roping with his “South of the Border” partner Britt Bockius. Schmidt hopes to make a run at the National Finals Rodeo in the 2014 Season. Flewelling on the other hand, is ready to add a third Canadian championship to his resume.


“I hope to make it back to the CFR and try for another Canadian Championship in 2014.  I would like to go south to some of the bigger, older rodeos like Cheyenne and Salinas.  Obviously it would be a childhood dream to make a run for the NFR but unless I get lucky on the lotto 649 I don’t see it happening.” – Tyrel Flewelling

Both competitors say that next season will be a good one on their new mounts. Schmidt and Flewelling hope to ride their horses with more confidence; after their successful CFR debut, the geldings have no-doubt earned it.



Here’s a look at Schmidt and Flewelling’s three round winning runs at the 2013 Canadian Finals Rodeo.

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