The Cold Didn’t Bother Them In Stettler

by Michelle on March 31, 2015


The Frozen Futurity coordinator Melissa Thiessen (l) with Futurity Champion Andrea Udal (r).

The Futurity may have been “Frozen” but things were hot in the arena for a Wednesday in Stettler.  The atmosphere was fun and the runs were fast.    Many eyes were on Andrea Udal and her mount Streakin Ta Corona as they had been making great runs in open jackpots this winter.   The A Streak Of Fling/Dash Ta Fame mare did not disappoint when they ran a 13.059 their first run (video below).  Only Kandi Horn on her derby horse Unleash Bently by LDS Unleashed would run a quicker time that day with a 12.98.    Marci Laye and her home grown mare Hopes Unleashed also by LDS Unleashed were the derby champions.

Thank you Andrea for taking the time to answer our questions. Let’s have a look into what makes this duo a championship team.

– What is your horse’s registered and barn name?
Streakin Ta Corona – Barn Name: “Famous”

-How long have you been running barrels on her?
I started her last April

-What is the training background on this horse?
Corney Wiebe started her and she was super nice right from the start.

– How would you describe this horse’s running style?
She is very elevated in her turns and leaves super hard

-What is it you like best about her?
She loves to turn her first and leave hard.  She is so fast but yet smooth and not hard to ride.

– Which run at the Frozen Futurity stands out as your favorite and why?
My first run, as my plan was just to have a smooth run and obviously smooth is fast:)

-How do you prepare for your runs with this horse (warm up etc.)?
I just lope circles and keep her feeling soft.  She is not a fan of busy warm up arenas so generally I try and go somewhere quiet. 

Click To Enlarge Pedigree for Streakin Ta Corona

Click To Enlarge Pedigree for Streakin Ta Corona

-What are your plans for the rest of the year with this horse?
Leaving for Washington on Tuesday and going to The Sand Cup and then the VGBRA.  If those go well I plan to try and go to more in the US as there are not too many in Canada this year.  My goal is to have a proven record for her as the plan is to flush her next year and breed her.

-What kind of saddle do you use?
I have 2 Coats original and one Raylee.  The Raylee is the one I have been riding in lately.  Love the feel of them.  Raylee did a great job designing them.

-What kind of pad do you use?
5 Star

-What kind of bit do you use?
1 to 1 with a chain Dave Elliott

– What kind of products, therapies and/or supplements do you use to maintain your horse throughout the year?
I am pretty simple so good quality whole oats and Formula 1.  Dave Elliott also has taught me so much about reading my horse and things I can do to help them feel and work their best.

-What was your goal and focus heading into this Futurity?
Just to be smooth.  She is so talented so not pushing her too hard just yet.

-If you were to share a barrel racing tip what would it be?
Keep it simple,  I also go into my arena with a goal and once I achieve it I quit.  One step forward, two steps back.

-What do you do when your aren’t barrel racing?
My kids take up most of my spare time.  I love to spend time with friends and drink wine.

– Andrea would like to make the following thank you’s:
My family, my husband Robert has made me believe in myself, I have a beautiful facility and he has created it all for me.  Colby and Hallie are the best traveling partners anyone could ask for.  My mom and dad are so supportive, I tell my dad some crazy idea and he just tells me that if I believe I can do then just do it. Corney and Maria Wiebe, they own Famous.  They have trusted me with her and let me treat her like my own. 

Here’s the winning run from round 1.


Famous first run in the futurity. 13.0 Corny N Maria Wiebe

Posted by Andrea Udal on Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Event Results

Click to enlarge for Frozen Futurity results.

Click to enlarge for Frozen Futurity results.

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Click to enlarge derby results

Frozen Open Results - Click to enlarge

Frozen Open Results – Click to enlarge

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Bev March 31, 2015 at 4:26 pm

Andrea You are doing so well. Keep up the good work and follow your heart. Love. Aunty Bev

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