District 2 Finals

| September 8, 2019
September 12, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Swift Current Ag and Ex (pending) Magnus-Newland arena

Location: Swift Current

Date Sept 12,2020 1:00 pm

Added Money and prizes

Announcer Donny Phillips

fees: Open $50

Youth $30

Peewee $10

Open 4D 7/10 split

Youth 3D 1 second split

You must have your membership bought in order to Qualify for finals. If bought before April 1st  $10 after April 1st $20 youth that want to run in the open and youth must purchase both memberships

Must attend 6 jackpots to Qualify for Finals

Entry Date and information will be Posted closer to Finals

You must notify gate person BEFORE leaving the arena if you want to take your 2nd run. Second run cancels your first.

There will be a penalty for being in the announcers booth if you do not belong

Youth may carry over to the open. If they carry over then their second run is also a carry over

Late entries will not eligible for prizes and added money but can run as a qualifier

AGM to follow

Stay Tuned for fundraisers we ask that everyone that wants to compete participate in helping raise money for the finals.

Finals committee

Dannielle Knudsen 3067418924

Whitney Cook 3067743046

Brandy Krasko 3065999177

Kristi Rudd 3067418710

Deanna Schmunk 3066287564