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Tammy Fischer New Treeless Saddle

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:17 am
by CentralRacer
Anyone have one? Opinions please!

Re: Tammy Fischer New Treeless Saddle

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:29 pm
by mf
Has she come out with something new? or is it the fancy bob marshall? I ride in a treeless and I like it but i would recommend you try a treeless before purchasing one. I am pretty sure hers is just a fancy version of the barrel racing treeless saddle??

Re: Tammy Fischer New Treeless Saddle

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:28 pm
by CentralRacer
Yes her and her sister have come out with something new.. Their own version with a few changes of the bob Marshall.. Each sister has there own style,two different styles to pick from made by circle Y. My question is has anyone tried one yet??

Re: Tammy Fischer New Treeless Saddle

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:10 pm
by mf
Thanks for the info, I totally did not know that. I found this info.

Yes, Tammy and I both are a new treeless saddle that is made by Circle Y. Both saddles are made the exact same but have a different pommel and cantle so they ride and sit differently according to what each of us prefers. This gives barrel racers out there a choice with treeless saddles to accommodate different riding styles and needs. Tammy's saddle has a higher pommel and cantle and sits 'deeper' for those who need that extra to help you not get thrown back in a turn. My saddle has a lower pommel and a cantle that is slightly tipped backwards to sit you more on your pockets. I designed my saddle this way to still have the feel open a treeless seat but to help a barrel racer 'get up' coming out of a barrel and be able to hustle. Those are the main differences between Tammy's saddle and my saddle.

As for the new changes in the Circle Y treeless saddles in general. Circle Y approached us about helping them make version of the treeless saddle that was 'new and improved' our minds. Circle Y did make a version of the sport saddle years ago that they were not happy with so they discontinued the line. At that time they were working around patent issues and they could not make the exact saddle they wanted. Now that the patent has expired, Circle Y felt like they could make the treeless saddle that they wanted. That is where Tammy and I came in. Circle Y came to us with a prototype and asked for our help. After months of working with them and many many prototypes we have all put our minds together and come up with an end result we are all very proud of and we feel like is the best treeless saddle on the market. I am very proud to put my name on this new product and very proud to be associated with a company like Circle Y who values the barrel racers opinion and has such incredibly high standards of quality.

Chanes are as follows and I think will answer most questions posted on this thread. If not, you can contact me and I will be willing to answer any questions you may have.

#1 Seat change.....There is now a bicycle size piece of firmer foam put into the seat. The problem we are addressing with this change is breakdown in the seat. This firmer piece will help our saddles hold their original shape and size, and prevent 'wrinkles' from forming in the seat. After doing this and now riding my Circle Y I really think this was a phenomenal change. It makes the integrity of the saddle feel much better under you without loosing the treeless feel.

#2 Fenders/Chap...... Yes there is a hole between the seat of the saddle and the fender. NO it does NOT pinch. It is quite the contrary actually. The issue we were addressing with this change was rolling up of the chap/fender, pinching in the leg and the 'balled up' feeling under you knee and repair issues if ever needed down the road. We eliminated the 'chap' which was a half moon shaped piece of bulky leather that hit right under your knee. I, personally, being a short person, didn't like the way it pushed my legs out. I also did not like that my fenders would roll up then pinch me. I was sick of permanent bruises of the insides of my calves. The new Circle Y fenders feel smooth under your legs so that your legs hang down in a much more comfortable way. Also, we made a change to the way the fenders tie into the saddle so if ever there needs to be a repair made to your saddle the entire saddle does not have to be ripped apart to make the repair. This helps hold the integrity of the saddle upon repair.

#3 Rigging.......Our concern was getting the fenders to hang correctly for barrel racing and all functions specifically for our sport. We made changes to address the fenders being too 'swingy' and the fact that you can too easily get your feet WAY behind you and get your balance out of wack. As barrel racers we need our stirrups step slightly forward, this helps with balance and stability. Both my saddle and Tammy's saddle have our rigging set in this slightly forward position instead of straight up and down. We also changed the way the rigging is designed for stability reasons. I don't want my legs to be able to swing clear back to a horses hip, I don't want my feet that far behind me. Our new rigging works along with the girth for better stability. We worked very closely with Circle Y because we wanted full range of motion with our stirrups (if you have ever watched Tammy or I run you know we lift our legs both forward and backwards to miss barrels on a regular basis) but we wanted more stability to prevent 'over' doing any movement which would not be beneficial at full speed in a competition run.

#4 Consistency.....Our concern was working closely in developing a product that could be EXACTLY duplicated time and time again to provide consistency between saddles when working with a true treeless saddle. Circle Y's technology, in my opinion, is unmatched in this area. I was absolutely amazed when I toured their facility. As a matter of fact if you are ever in the Yoakum, TX area and you get some time, stop in and take the tour!!!

#5 Quality.....The tooling on this new saddle is absolutely amazing, the quality of the components is unmatched and the end result is a saddle that turns heads!!! Not only is it an eye catcher but it is made for the long run too!!!

#6 Custom Options.....You can change the designs in the seat if you want to make it your 'own' saddle. If you can imagine it Circle Y can do it. BUT, the saddle is set up for barrel racers in mind. Actual changes to the set up of the saddle are no longer up to the customer. I have way too many times run into problems when a person made a change trying to make a saddle better and that is EXACTLY why they hated their saddle. Like I said before the differences in Tammy's set up and my set up give you two choices on how the saddle sits and ultimately rides. We think we have covered the spectrum to accommodate all needs. Added new options when ordering for each person are horn size (short and medium), oil finish choice (ultra lite or regular), and saddle fit (medium or wide). YES there is a choice on fit of the width of this saddle!!!! In general, the average horse with a defined wither takes a medium fit. A wide fit is for the horse with a foundation build, wide shoulders, or mutton wither.

#7 Order Turn Over and Price.....The wait time at Circle Y is 3-4 weeks to get your new saddle, or for a custom order 6 weeks. Circle Y has the ability to keep this number low even as volume of this new saddle increases without quality decreasing. Circle Y (which includes Tucker trail saddles) is the largest producing saddle company on the market. It was important to both Tammy and I to get theses saddles out to the customer on a reasonable turn around time while still maintaining the highest quality. As of right now, since the saddle lines are brand new, there is only the 'fancier' model being made. They are fully tooled, have crystals embedded in the skirt and over the cantle, have crystal conchos and cut outs in the seat. Even 'all decked out' this saddle is $1799. We think this is an outstanding price!!! Down the road there will be other tooling options, ect for a less expensive saddle. We just wanted to launch and get this product we are so proud of available ASAP

As I have said before, I will be happy to answer any questions I did not address above. I am super proud of this new saddle.

Go Fast!!!
Jackie Jatzlau

Re: Tammy Fischer New Treeless Saddle

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:14 am
by thunderflatt
I should be getting a Tammy Fischer saddle this next week. Any suggestions of what I should be doing or looking for in getting the saddle to fit my horse. Do they used a specific pad?

Re: Tammy Fischer New Treeless Saddle

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 8:18 pm
by BrendaD
Tammy Fischer prefers something soft and floppy, the wool impact gel pads are what she rides in.

Re: Tammy Fischer New Treeless Saddle

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:53 pm
by brigittn
I'm wanting to get a tammy fischer treeless barrel saddle and was trying to figure out what size seat to get? I ride in a 15 and didn't know if I need to go up to a 15.5 or a 14.5... does these saddles run big or small?? I don't like a lot of play in the seat.