A Bad BR Fall

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maxine mckenna
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A Bad BR Fall

Postby maxine mckenna » Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:22 am

A bad fall can be devasting to both horse and rider, especially when the rider has a little bit of age...haha, and the horse is very young. After Felon's fall last wkend at Thorsby, I'd like to thank a few people: ]Kim Gerwatoski for picking up the horse, (and giving me pain-killers ) Erica and Brecken Tullock for offering help with my chores, and Randa Nugent for her concern. Thanks alot to the four of you, it meant alot to me! Falls suck! :(

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Re: A Bad BR Fall

Postby k2farms » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:10 am

ANYTIME Maxine! Glad you are still kicking- heal up quick girl!
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Re: A Bad BR Fall

Postby zoomhorse » Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:07 am

I hope that the swelling in that leg goes down quick for you but the toe will probably give you the most pain , it is hard not to use it when you walk , heal fast Max...
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Re: A Bad BR Fall

Postby Ben » Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:50 pm

Suck it up princess

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