Stall Rest

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Stall Rest

Postby cowhorse1 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:44 am

I have a gelding with a torn suspensory that has been put on small pen rest for a minimum of 2 months. We are only into week 3 and he is already going crazy with boredom. I am worried that he is going to hurt himself more because he is so bored and is starting to try to play around in his pen even though it is quite small. He always has a buddy close by and can see other horses at all times. If anyone has any experience with a similar situation and has any ideas on how I can get him through the next couple of months please let me know. I appreciate any suggestions you may have.


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Re: Stall Rest

Postby jb » Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:28 pm

What about hand walking him? i would think every little bit that you can just get him out of the pen would help some. Also if you have more than one small pen that you can rotate him through it might help. Whenever i change my horses from 1 pen to another, no matter if they have been in it a dozen times before, they feel the need to explore it for awhile. On that note, horses are very curious animals, so any safe toy he can have in or hanging on his pen for entertainment might help too.

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Re: Stall Rest

Postby texasjoey » Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:12 pm

My horse just came off of 8weeks of being in a small pen. Had similar problems, he was so bored.... I found that if I had the time just taking him out for 15 mins twice a day helped. Didn't really hand walk him, just took him to the front yard and let him see some new stuff, graze on the old grass, sniff the trees, brushed him and stretched him out a bit.
It really sucks keeping them cooped up, but he's completely sound now and ready to ride, so it was worth it.

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Re: Stall Rest

Postby lmf » Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:37 pm

I went through this last year as well for 2 months. I made a second small pen attached to hers, and "sacrificed" a companion horse every day. Luckily I had 6 other horses, so they each spent one day week keeping her company. I found it wasn't good enough for my mare to just have them in the same paddock she got worked worked up if they were "too far away" in the same corral. so that kept her quiet. also about every week I added a pannel and made her pen a bit bigger. then I started to spread her hay out so she maneuvered around a bit. I bought some of those flavoured "lik-its" and I hung a few empty plastic milk jugs that she banged around with her nose. and hand walking 2x a day. It was a long boring rode for the both of us - hopefully you find some tips you find useful :)

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Re: Stall Rest

Postby louise » Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:31 pm

We did 3 months of stall rest last summer with a torn ligament.
We bought him large blow up balls - he did destroy the first one and needed another one but then we just started buying the $ 9.99 ones at Wallmart and let him destory it, patch it up when we could and use another when it was totally out of comission.

He started out with a couple of weeks stall rest, then we moved him outside to a small pen the size of a stall, he did much better outside as he could look around, see the other horses etc. And get some sunshine which would be needed even more while he was trying to heal.

I went out and just visited with him most days and brushed him, which helped to give him something to do. He was near the house so I would go out on the deck and talk to him just to give him something to occupy his time.
We also used essential oils to calm him and help keep his mind good - pm if you want more info. here.

He actually got a little better as time went on, he just kind of accepted the whole thing. After 2 months we gradually increased the size of his pen a panel at a time so that he could move around a bit more but not too much. Eventually we went to hand walking etc. He wasn't perfect and hand walking was bit of a challenge but we did get through it.

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Re: Stall Rest

Postby zoomhorse » Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:11 pm

All good idea's, I had a mare in a small stall for 3 months last year,going outside in a pen was good for her, another great item was a slow feed haynet as it takes way longer for them to eat their meals and leaves less time standing doing nothing

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