Favorite Flex tree Saddles

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Favorite Flex tree Saddles

Postby randle » Thu Jun 05, 2014 5:36 pm

looking to hear what is everyone's favorite Flex Tree saddle and why? Pros and Cons please, I am gonna be saddle shopping soon. Currently ride in a Bob marshall, but considering trying a Flex Tree.


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Re: Favorite Flex tree Saddles

Postby Girl » Fri Jul 04, 2014 12:26 pm

In speaking with a saddle maker I mentioned the flex tree or treeless. I questioned the pressure distribution. He pointed out that with both treeless and flex the horn and cantle are solid so when the horse slams into the turn all that pressure is now isolated to one area or even worse one small pinch point. :shock:

I tried to think of it as wearing a back pack …. :think: We all remember hulling home books and stuff from school and when you turned or ran there was always a pinch point. However with the hiking packs they have metal bars and solid support frame, this way you can carry more and for longer and no pinch point when you run and twist (so you can climb mountain in the pack).
That is what made sense to me, the proper solid frame eliminates pinch points because it better distributes the pressure and holds its shape. You just have to fit the right frame to the body.

I spent the money on a saddle with bars that are lifted for the horse’s shoulders to easily function under and a tree that was wood and rawhide so it molds and is a natural element. It may not be as free as an English saddle or bare back riding ……. But I am coming into a 180-360 degree turns full speed so I think I need the support for my horses!

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