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Rate & Leads

Posted: Wed May 27, 2015 7:55 am
by whisperer
I have a very well trained just turn 5 year old reining gelding (basic reining so no slides, things like that) he's perfect on the flat knows every cue and does it great, now when I put him on the pattern, everything's gone, he trots it good, ask to lope he does not switch leads in between the barrels and he will not rate! I think every horse I have had took those two things naturally and I never had to do anything really with them on that part of the pattern so I am stumped. What are exercises to do with him at that lope so that I can get him wrapping his mind around it like off pattern that I can apply to the pattern? Maybe I should stop loping it, but how much more do I keep trotting it?

Re: Rate & Leads

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:22 am
by Girl
Just take him out for a run, and make him think: do turns and run over logs and make him think. Let him learn to rate himself. A good barrel horse rates for him/her self. But they need to learn to be sure footed and think for themself. It will be hard for you to let him go completely and he lukly will stumble but let him. He needs to fail to learn. Just rember to keep kicking give him incuragimg him. (Even if he fails). BUT make sure he is in shape because he will be using mussels he never used and working harder than he ever has. So short 5 min bits at one time. Make it successful for him. Pm if you need anything. BUT if you are unsure start slow walk then trot, ease up to a lope. The most important part is making him feel successful!!!