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Portable Panels for on the Road

Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 9:50 am
by jody y
I am looking for some panels. I would like them to be close to normal panel height but I need them to fit in the front stall of my trailer.

If you have anything similar where did you get them from, or did you have to get them custom built?

Thanks! :red:

Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 10:21 am
by Double D
I think Rocky Ross builds portable panels.

portable pannels

Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 10:57 am
by sheena
Does anyone have his number??


Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 12:30 pm
by hsr mom
we have a 4tar 8 wide ... we bought panels from UFA that are 9 ft 3 in they were 87.00 ?? they just fit in the first stall

Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 1:55 pm
by cancrasher25
Anyone have any pics of their panels? My hubby is going to build me some :-D (someday :evil:!) and I would like to see what works for everyone else! Thanks!

Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 6:03 pm
by Spirit

Check these out they are expensive but, they are nice. I just ordered some last month. Super handy.

Posted: Wed May 31, 2006 8:09 am
by jody y
I seen those panels in the spin to win magazine but there was just a picture and not much description. I thought they looked really neat. Thanks for the link!

Posted: Wed May 31, 2006 10:58 pm
by Janice
Where did you get your whole kit? How much? I used to use just the electric fence without the charger, but horses change and these new ones need some voltage

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 12:05 pm
by hsr mom
I bought a portable solar fencer from peavy mart 170.00 ??? all i do is pound a horse shoe in the ground for a ground and set it up with stakes and wire.. have been using it at High school rodeos for a while

used to have a fencer that used batery power took and old battery in a milk crate it was 70.00 ufa ?? worked too ..

portable electric fence

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 12:52 pm
by qbm98
[color=darkblue]Weiller & Williams (1-800-663-0936) sells the portable kits. AND the company which supplies us with them DONATES a set to the Northern Lights Barrel Futurity & Derby as a prize for one of our winners.

As the saying goes ... support your sponsors if possible.[/color]