What shoes should we use? or should we shoe?

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What shoes should we use? or should we shoe?

Postby IddyBiddyFarm » Mon Apr 04, 2005 6:38 pm

My ?is I have a horse that I have to shoe. She is starting to run harder and I want to pick a shoe for her that will give her the best traction but I don't want her to hurt herself at the same time. I have recently heard about easywalker shoes. They are made of polyurothaine (spelling may be off). They look good but are they any good for th price you pay $45.?? a pair. If you have used these shoes or have any sugg. please help.

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Postby cancrasher25 » Tue Apr 05, 2005 8:43 am

I have not used the Easy walker shoe, but have used the Ultra III polyurethane shoe to rehabilitate a gelding that have some major foot issues after WNV. These shoes were fantastic for absorbing shock and minimizing the concusion experienced by the hoof, but wore out very quickly...I only got one setting out of each pair of shoes at about $60 a set, and my gelding was only turned out to pasture, not being rode or used at all. I am a definite believer in these shoes, but they may not be the most economical choice for a competition horse being rode regularily! However, my experience is only with the Ultra III's so if the Easy Walkers are different in the wear department...I would definetly be interested, as then you would have the best of both worlds! :D

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Postby Cadogan » Tue Apr 05, 2005 11:02 am

I like the swoosh! :D

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Postby huey » Tue Apr 05, 2005 2:58 pm

I have not used the Easywalker, but I asked a similar question at a Milimaki clinic. They said that they had tried a whole bunch of different shoes and always went back to rims all the way around. All arenas are different and rims work well in all types of footing. Also, my feeling is if isn't broke, don't fix it. If your horse isn't sore why put specialty shoes ( natural balance, egg bar, etc.) on him? Good luck with your decision. T
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