4 yr old Futurity Horses

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4 yr old Futurity Horses

Postby miss_brook » Sun Sep 25, 2005 8:27 pm

I was just wondering who all has ran their 4 yr olds in barrel futurities and what made you decide to not wait a year??
I have a 3 yr old right now that we are working cows on and actually we are showing her at some cowhorse futurities this fall. I have her started on barrels, walking and trotting only...but she seems to handle things like an old broke horse. Plus, she is almost too hot to go on with and make a bridle cowhorse out of her...so she'd actually fit the bill perfectly in my barrel program. But, I was just concerned that 4 yrs old might be pushing it. Although, timing wise it would work out perfect for us, for other reasons, to barrel race her next year.
What is your guys' opinions on running your 4 yr olds??
Does anyone know of anyone who has been successfull at it and won anything?? :D
Last but not least(nothing like 20 ques here)...isn't the horse Maxine McKenna is running this year a 4 yr old?? At least it said that in the Cardston F/D program.

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