Bleeding Horses, If Treated Properly, Can Beat Track & Arena Records

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Bleeding Horses, If Treated Properly, Can Beat Track & Arena Records

Postby admin » Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:33 pm

Bleeding Horses, If Treated Properly, Can Beat Track & Arena Records

With Equiwinner™, horses can perform at their absolute best.

Mesa, AZ (October 6, 2015) Signal-Health –the North American distributor of Equiwinner™ patches – is pleased to announce that racehorses treated for bleeding, exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH), with Equiwinner, were then able to perform at their absolute best and beat track and arena records.

Thoroughbred trainer Anthony Farrior, treated 4 year old colt Silver Antelope for bleeding last fall. He won his first race after the Equiwinner treatment and then went on to break a 14 year old track record at Mountaineer Racetrack in Chester, WV on November 19. He sped five furlongs in 1:01.26 in a nonwinners-of-three-lifetime allowance. He won by four lengths and earned an 83 Beyer Speed Figure, a 23-point improvement over his previous start.

April Phillips, APRA breakaway roper and barrel racer from Beech Creek, PA, treated Frank the Tank for bleeding in early 2014. “He came back . . . and he won four out of the five Malibu rodeos I took him to. We won the barrels at the Malibu finals!” April and Frank also won the 2014 Iron Cowgirl Challenge in Monongahela, PA. They haven’t slowed down this year either. This summer April and Frank beat the barrels arena record at Malibu Ranch rodeos in Milford, PA, the first time on July 25 (14.923) and the second time at the Malibu Ranch Championship Rodeo on September 5 (14.732).

These results are supported by recent research on EIPH and its effect on racehorse performance1. The study, conducted on 1,000 thoroughbred racehorses in South Africa, found that although some horses that bleed continue to race effectively, an EIPH episode will stop horses achieving their absolute best. We agree completely. Silver Antelope and Frank the Tank could not have achieved their absolute best if they were still bleeding.

Equiwinner, a non-invasive dermal patch, is a simple 10-day treatment for EIPH that restores horse health. Equiwinner resets electrolyte balance and starts to work almost immediately and, combined with only walking exercise for a total of fifteen days completely restores all capillaries to prevent the extra high blood pressure that causes bleeding. The lung tissue has scars from previous bleeding, and these scars will normally rupture, causing more bleeding, but the Equiwinner procedure allows the scars to fully heal during the fifteen days. Normal training can then be resumed with confidence.

1. Exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage impairs racing performance in Thoroughbred racehorses. Morley, P.S., et al, Equine Veterinary Journal, May 2015

For more information about Equiwinner, visit or phone toll-free: 1-877-378-4946.


About Signal-Health, LLC
Based in Mesa, Arizona, Signal-Health is the official North American distributor of the Equiwinner patch. Developed by ActiveSignal Ltd in the United Kingdom, Equiwinner is a simple 10-day treatment consisting of non-invasive dermal patches. The patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes that restore normal cell metabolism by stimulating communication directly between cells in the horse’s body. The company has a Canadian affiliate based in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Contact Info:
Barbara Socha, President
Signal-Health LLC
3060 N Ridgecrest, Unit 175
Mesa, AZ 85207

Ph: 1-877-378-4946
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