Round 5 Recap

by Michelle on December 8, 2015

round5With the 5th round of the 2015 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo concluded, the contestants are half way through their 10 performance marathon.  This round was the first that all Canadian contestants were shout out of the money.   It wasn’t for lack of try however.  Both Clint Laye and Orin Larson rode in the bareback for a 77.5 and 80 point ride respectively.   Tanner Milan was 2 tenths away from a cheque with his 4.3 second run.  In the Saddle Bronc Zeke Thurston rode for a 78.5 on a reride horse and Tyrel Larson stuck in there for solid 78 point ride.   In the barrel racing, Deb Guelly went back to riding Oscar, who she had ran in the first and second round but was off the pace.

In Ted Stovin’s Calgary Herald report you’ll read it was the bucking horses that brought attention to Canada last night.   Reckless Margie from the Calgary Stampede was covered Kaycee Feild to match the second-highest scored ride ever in the event with a 91 point ride.

Watch that ride in last nights round up of champions video.

Here is the complete barrel racing footage.  Fast times early in the performance, but the ground seems to be falling apart at first.   Seems like it’s bad enough now they might do something about it.

Here are the average standings and current world leaders after 5 rounds:

Average leaders (after five rounds)
1. Lisa Lockhart 69.43
2. Cassidy Kruse 69.58
3. Callie Duperier 70.23
4. Jackie Ganter 70.81
5. Sherry Cervi 70.89
6. Sarah Rose McDonald 74.35
7. Fallon Taylor 74.65
8. Mary Walker 75.39
9. Michele McLeod 75.48
10. Carley Richardson 76.47
11. Vickie Carter 76.61
12. Taylor Jacob 79.27
13. Deb Guelly 81.73
14. Nancy Hunter 84.79
15. Jana Bean 91.28

Updated World Standings (projected after 5 rounds)
1 Lisa Lockhart, $231,328.19
2 Sarah Rose McDonald, $197,484.04
3 Callie Duperier $195,961.64
4 Cassidy Kruse, $163,268.91
5 Fallon Taylor $151,616.95
6 Taylor Jacob $138,739.17
7 Nancy Hunter $138,416.58
8 Mary Walker (G) $135,758.73
9 Michele McLeod, $117,628.19
10 Sherry Cervi, $114,743.84
11 Carley Richardson, $101,146.99
12 Jackie Ganter (R), $87,780.35
13 Vickie Carter (R), $72,768.25
14 Jana Bean, $70,162.19
15 Deb Guelly, $69,769.17

An interview with Nancy Hunter after her round 5 win.

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