Round 6 Recap

by Michelle on December 9, 2015

Sometimes you’re the bug, and sometimes you’re the windshield.  It was a bug kinda night for the Canadians in round 6, with none of the swarm getting in the money.

In the bareback riding where an 80 point ride caught 6th hole, Clint Laye rode for 77 and Orin Larson 77.5.
In the steer wrestling, Tanner Milan was one blink away from a cheque with a 4.7 when 4.6 got the last cheque.
In the saddle bronc riding Zeke Thurston was short of placing with a 70.5 and while Tyrel rode the 8 seconds, he missed marking the horse out.
TJ the horse was back in the game after last nights no time, but failed to make any money for cowboy Shane Hanchey with an 8.2 when 7.8 split last place.
In the barrel racing, Deb Guelly rode Oscar again but tipped a barrel and were off the pace.   Deb joins Sherry Cervi, Jana Bean and Vicki Carter who have also failed to claim a cheque in these finals.

Join me in sending some fine words and encouragement out there for these Canadian Cowboys and barrel racers.  Let’s change their luck!   Here’s to high scores and fast runs in the next 4 rounds.

If you want to take in more action from the NFR, you will like the interviews and talk shows posted on the Wrangler Network

These “National Finals Tonight” shows are pretty fun too, click for the Youtube channel here. 

Watch highlights from each event:

Here is the barrel racing footage from round 6

Taylor Jacob and Sarah Rose McDonald split the round in the barrel racing. Taylor was pretty politically correct, but I couldn’t help but see the discomfort between the two of them when the question about ground conditions was asked. “I”d like to think they’re doing everything they can for us” Here’s an interview with them:

Average leaders after round 6
1. Lisa Lockhart 83.35
2. Cassidy Kruse 83.80
3. Callie Duperier 84.23
4. Jackie Ganter 84.99
5. Sarah Rose McDonald 88.26
6. Fallon Taylor 88.82
7. Michele McLeod 89.60
8. Sherry Cervi 90.00
9. Taylor Jacob 93.18
10. Mary Walker 94.21
11. Carley Richardson 95.50
12. Vickie Carter 95.93
13. Nancy Hunter 99.42
14. Deb Guelly 101.18
15. Jana Bean 105.63

World Standings – do date, after 6 rounds
1 Lisa Lockhart, $246,982.04
2 Sarah Rose McDonald, $220,964.81
3 Callie Duperier $206,961.64
4 Cassidy Kruse, $163,268.91
5 Taylor Jacob $162,219.94
6 Fallon Taylor $155,847.72
7 Nancy Hunter $138,416.58
8 Mary Walker (G) $135,758.73
9 Michele McLeod, $124,397.42
10 Sherry Cervi, $114,743.84
11 Carley Richardson, $101,146.99
12 Jackie Ganter (R), $87,780.35
13 Vickie Carter (R), $72,768.25
14 Jana Bean, $70,162.19
15 Deb Guelly, $69,769.17

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