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Haemequine - a natural supplementation aid for "Bleeders" (EIPH)

The development of Haemequine required years of extensive research to isolate and identify those nutrients which are most often depleted under the excessive stresses of training and racing.

Haemequine is an all natural nutritional supplement which is designed for addition to the daily grain ration.

Haemequine is safe and drug free. There are no known adverse reactions or side effects when Haemequine is used as indicated.

What trainers are saying after they’ve tried Haemequine for 28 days …

  • “My horse became more aggressive in workouts and training.”
  • “Three of my horses achieved new lifetime marks.”
  • “Blood counts moved up in readings sharply.”
  • “My horse is finally achieving the performance I always knew it should have.”
  • “Haemequine did exactly as you stated, I am now feeding it to several of my horses and have seen improvement in their performance.”

    Haemequine & E.I.P.H.

    Haemequine was designed to address all aspects of these health related problems. Haemequine uniquely assists in meeting the cellular requirements of the Haematopietic (blood forming) System and the Vascular (artery, capillary, veins, etc.) System of an equine athlete.

    100% Natural

    Haemequine: A Natural Aid in the Fight Against E.I.P.H.

    Haemequine replaces the depleted sources of essential active vitamins, enzymes, minerals and cellular components which are necessary for the formation of blood components.

    The presence of these varied elements is most essential for the healing process to begin.

    Haemequine enables the vascular and homeopathic system to interact and perform at their highest levels of efficiency.

    Haemequine restores the depleted reserves of the essential building blocks which protects the distressed athlete from becoming prone to pulmonary induced haemorrhaging.

    Haemequine is NOT a Diuretic


  • Each jar is priced at $135.00
  • Contact Maria for more info and to Purchase. 306-421-9662


Price: $135.00 CAD


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