A Quick Rules Refresher ***PLEASE READ***

Read the Rules if you plan to read the posts. Read them more carefully if you plan to post.
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A Quick Rules Refresher ***PLEASE READ***

Postby Moderator » Fri Feb 16, 2007 2:10 pm

As much as the roundpen appreciates all the new faces we've been seeing, and the discussion that has resulted because of it, I think we need a quick refresher on a couple of rules. At anytime you can read the full rule listing, off the Forum Index, and users are encouraged to do so. This is not directed at anyone specifically, but all users in general.


If you would like to post a website link and are not sure if it would be considered a competitor, please check first before posting.

There is a spot in everyones profile to add your own website. Please feel free to use that, I know a lot of people have seen traffic to their website because of it.

If you have Jackpot or Rodeo results you would like listed, email them in and we'll get a link set up for you, no problem. (admin edited to add: this is if you are unable to copy and paste your own results in)

If you are posting looking for specific information, encourage people to email or pm you.

Your assesment of someone character is just that: Your assesment. We all have a right to our own opinion, but please do not publicly share it on this forum.

Thanks to everyone for posting great advice and info and keeping the Round Pen a great place to stop in!

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Postby admin » Fri Feb 16, 2007 2:55 pm

Thank you Moderator

To clarify the weblink thing.....we sell advertising here and must protect our paying customers, this can't be a venue to send business elsewhere for us and our customers.

If someone is looking for information that can help others, please post publicly so we can all learn from the information.

As for "specific information" if they are looking for a phone number (that no one else needs) for example please pm them. Information on a trainer - pm. ...etc. etc.

This is a place to share information rather than a place to plug your friends and their businesses. I know most of you do it to help out, but there are a few that seem to join with the sole intent of advertising themselves or their friends. That's not what the intent of the Round Pen is.

Thanks - Michelle 8o)

Edited to add - you are welcome to post live links if it serves to answer the original question posted and does not send folks to a competitive site. eg. I'm having trouble fitting a saddle so you reply..."here is a really good article"
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