Canadian Barrel Racing Crown Heads to Valentine, Nebraska

by Michelle on November 18, 2011

With the dust settled and the contestants headed home at the completion of the Canadian Finals Rodeo, we were able to catch up with the 2011 Canadian Pro Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion TRULA CHURCHILL!

We first interviewed Trula back in June following her big win at the Daines Ranch Rodeo in Innisfail.  Trula shared a lot of great info with us then too.  You can click here to read that interview. Her horse Worm is a 6 year old gelding by A Steak Of Fling by Streakin Six out of a daughter of Very Sharp (a Thoroughbred).  Click the link when you are done here and check out his full pedigree and more details.

This time, we wanted to hear more about her success at the Canadian Finals Rodeo.   Here are some of the questions we asked and what Trula had to say:

Worm is an exceptional 6 year old.  Did you do anything different to prepare him for the CFR?

We had been out in California and the circuit finals, so when we came home I just did some pasture riding on him keeping him legged up.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Did you have a specific game plan for your week at the CFR? Did you do anything to prepare yourself?

I stuck with the “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it theory”.  Worm has been working great all year so we just do what’s been working.  My plan at the finals was to do out there and make the best run we could every night.

While you were in Edmonton did you do any special routines with Worm to get ready each night?

I just did what I usually do with him.  I keep him responding to me, keeping him soft and doing circles both ways.  I let him dictate how much of a warm up he needs.  Some days I might have to warm him up longer before he relaxes.  He is a heavy made horse so I walk him a lot before I start to trot him and walk him after.  I think that really helps to get the blood moving everywhere in his body.  I’ll stop and relax a bit and let him rest before we go, but for the most part I want to keep the blood going. Being a big horse, I think that really helps him.

Can you describe your CFR experience?

All the girls were really supportive of one and other.  We were all back there cheering for each other. The crowd was great and everyone involved was really great to work with.

Of all your runs at the CFR, which one do you feel was your best?

Definitely the last one (watch it below).  It meant the most too.

What would you say was your favorite memory of your year?

Really, the whole year was amazing.  For Worm to do what he did and work so well in little indoor arenas to huge arena’s like Ponoka. The whole year was a highlight!

What are your plans for this winter (with your horses).

We have a bit of time off now and then we will start the building rodeos with Denver.  I’m going to go to a lot of the same rodeos, but probably hit a few different ones too.  Worm did great everywhere, but there are some he did better at so we’ll be back to those for sure and maybe try some others I think he’ll do good at.

Trula is still using the older Circle Y Barrel saddle and hand  made twisted wire gag she was when we visited with her in June.  I asked her a few more questions about her tack and horse program and learned that she uses Pro Equine sport boots and a Pro Orthopedic felt lined Navajo Saddle pad.   Worm gets Omelene 200 for his grain with Sta-Sound added.  He is shod all around with rim shoes.

Here is an interview Everything Cowboy posted with Trula and Diane Finstead.  It is the interview you would have heard on the radio from CFCW.


If you haven’t watched the last round of barrels, you can do so here:

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