Foxy Crime and Traci MacDonald win the Wrangler Canadian Rodeo Tour Championships

by Michelle on September 9, 2011

The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association held their Wrangler Canadian Pro Tour Finals in Armstrong, BC on the September long weekend. It featured 2 pools making two runs/rides and a final with the top contestants. The barrel racer that came out on top of the whole event was Traci MacDonald.  Traci and her horse Foxy won $3900 and the tour championship for their efforts. Traci  and her horse Foxy Crime made the National Finals Rodeo in 2008 but an injury kept Foxy home. It is a miracle Foxy Crime is back running and winning as veterinarians thought she would never be competitive again. It is very exciting to see the duo back in action again.  They are sitting 2nd in the Canadian standings right now.  We are thankful Traci was able to take the time to answer some of our questions for us.

-What is the name of the horse you ran in Armstrong: 

Foxy Crime

Click to see Foxy Crime's Pedigree


 -How old is your horse?


-How long have you been running barrels on her?

Three years she had a two year break.

 -What is the training background on this horse?

Maxinne Mckenna trained her.

 -What is your training and riding style with this particular horse?

To stay out of her way. She does her job so well she stays tight going in and coming out of her turns, never slows down, she is very honest and very rarely ever makes a mistake.

 -What is it you like best about this horse?

I would have to say her personality and attitude. She really is part of our family.

-How did you feel your runs were this past weekend?

My first run was good and solid she had only been ran four times since July so I think I was a little rusty. I was last out on Saturday night and stumbled on the first but Foxy was trying her heart out and we ended up third in the round. The last run was really good.

 -How do you prepare for your runs (warm up etc)?

I have a routine on how I saddle and wrap I’m a little superstitious, it usually takes me a little longer with Foxy than other my horses cause she can be a bit of a handful.  As far as warming up I do lots of walking and a little trotting and loping.

 -What kind of saddle do you use?

I have a very old Marlene Mcrae.

 -What kind of pad do you use?

Professional Choice 

 -What kind of bit do you use?

A short shank Ed wright 

 -How do you keep your horses in shape with all the traveling?

I never really traveled very much this year so keeping the horses in shape wasn’t a problem.

 -Are there any specific goals you have set for yourself and your horse this season?

The last couple years I’ve had have been humbling so I was going into this year with the attitude that if goes good great if not will try again next year.

 -What kind of obstacles have you had to overcome with this horse?

Foxy had injured her deep flexor tendon in the fall of 2008 the vets did not think she would ever be competitive again. But with lots of tlc and time she proved them wrong.

I was able to find this video of Traci and Foxy Crime from the Pendleton, Oregon rodeo back in 2008 where they placed 3rd in the finals.   It may not be a typical run, but this is no typical rodeo!   I think it is pretty cool that this little horse can place in the small pens and the HuGE pens.

Traci isn’t in this video but I wanted to post it for another view of the arena so you could see just how big it is and what an accomplishment it would be to place here.

Thank you Traci for this interview and good luck at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton!

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