Carman Cashes In, In Cardston

by Michelle on May 25, 2015

The South Country Futurity in Cardston, AB is no doubt one of Carman Pozzobon’s favorite events of the year.   This year she left the event with over $11,000 in winnings between her two horses.   Carman and Ripn Lady won the futurity and her derby horse, Eysa Hula Lady, won both open races, both long goes of the derby and took second in the average to Sonda Marks and Eyesagizzy after a fall in the short go.   Carman’s futurity horse is also Super Stakes nominated (by Frenchs Hula Guy) so she will be one to keep your eye on through out the year and going into the CBHI event this fall.

Thank you Carman for taking the time to answer these questions for us inquiring minds.

– What is your horse’s registered and barn name?

Pedigree for Ripin Lady, click to enlarge

Pedigree for Ripin Lady, click to enlarge

Ripn Lady.. aka Ripp

-How long have you been running barrels on him/her?
Started her on the barrels in october November area this past winter

-What is the training background on this horse?
Bought her started enough to lope a circle. I did the rest. Worked her chasing cows at the kamloops stock yards which I usually do with all my colts to get them quite an used to pressure an all the noise. 

– How would you describe this horse’s running style?
Feels like ur 4x4ing around the barrels. Doesn’t slow down at all an runs all the way around the barrel.. very flat doesn’t get elevated.. just gets low in the turn.

-What is it you like best about him/her?
Her try. She’s gritty an tough.. she has a ton of heart an wants to try her best every time.

– Which run at the South Country Futurity stands out as your favorite and why?
Our first go because I didn’t know what to expect after running her at the last couple pro rodeos inside..I trained her out side all winter in AZ and ever since we headed home she’s been running inside at the last 4 events pretty much so she’s been getting tight. So I just tried to ride her as hard as I could without scaring her too much so she would get around those barrels and we just made it.. After that my next run I just made sure she had wide barrels because I knew she would tighten them up on her own an it all worked out good.

Here’s that run!

-How do you prepare for your runs with this horse (warm up etc.)?
I try to make sure they have a good chance to relax prior to the event and the nights during.  I like them to be able to just be horses and have buddies to relax with in pens rather than a stall in lock down.  I like them to have a clear mind. I make sure they get their grain and sharpedge equine supplements on a daily basis. Also do revitavet lights on certain points of their body depending what they are going thru to get them feeling good an muscles loosened up. Then I will warm up in a bit I fine tune them in loping circles to make sure they are responding to my ques. Then each horse of mine has their own bit that they like to run in that Dave Elliot makes usually so I will put that on about 10 riders before me and make them get comfortable before they run so they don’t waste any extra energy prior to so they aren’t tired during their run.

-What are your plans for the rest of the year with this horse?
My goal is to try an make it to as many futurity’s as I can with working around the rodeo schedule and aiming for the Canadian futurity high point. And she also qualifies to run for the CBHI Super Stakes so I will be aiming for that as well in October. I will run her once in awhile to give my other one a break at the rodeos too.

-What kind of saddle do you use?
Double J Pozzi wide fit

-What kind of pad do you use?
Best ever pad on her. An a pro choice on my other one or a CS I pad.

-What kind of bit do you use?
Dave Elliot spur up. And the spur up ss. I warm them up in the Dave Elliot Oscar bit usually.

– What kind of products, therapies and/or supplements do you use to maintain your horse throughout the year?
All my horses are on their own mix of supplements from Sharpedge Equine Supplements. I use the revitavet lights to prevent injury and maintain their bodies through any changes they go through as well to loosen them up prior to a run. Tracy Sharpe helps me with all of that, she’s always just a phone call away prior to my runs.

-What was your goal and focus heading into this Futurity?
My focus was to aim for Cardston this year when I started this mare once I heard there was a bunch more money being added. So I went to a couple futurities prior to it to let her figure out all the Lil kinks we had to get outta the way. So far she’s been dealing with it all pretty good.

-If you were to share a barrel racing tip what would it be?
Learn what our horse has to offer you before you go trying to change it’s style in to something it’s not. Learn to work with it not against it. Every horse has its strengths an weaknesses so figure out where it’s stronger on the pattern and work with that the most to use it as advantage. Then be the strength through it’s weak spot.

-What do you do when your aren’t barrel racing?
I train barrel horses or help others with their horses since I don’t have as much time to take outside horses anymore because I have so many of my own an I’m on the road too much now. On my days off I try to spend days roping to clear my mind from barrel racing an just reset myself. Or I will be just reloading my rig an getting everything for the next event. I will also ride my horses out a lot to give the horses a break away from the arena depending on where I’m staying.

You had a great weekend in the Derby too, can you tell us about that horse and what you ended up winning on the weekend. Looks like Falkland was good to you too, which horse were you running there?
Her registered name is Eyes A Hula Lady aka French Fry. She’s 7 this yr. She won the Derby superstakes last yr. And has been doing good at the pro rodeos last year an this year. She ended up winning each go at the Derby an fell down in her short go so we ended up 2nd in the average. She also won each go of the open. She had the fastest time of the weekend I believe which was a 14.1. She is also the one that placed 2nd at Falkland.

Watch French Fry win the first go in Cardston, AB

– Carman would like to thank the following people:

My boyfriend Jace Lambert for making things so easy for me with always looking after me and putting things in a simple perspective. And being there for me thru the lows an highs.

All my sponsors

Sharpedge Equine Supplements (Tracy Sharp) for making my horses feel great to be able to achieve our goals.

G. MACRITCHIE Forestry Services for helping me keep going down the road to all these events.

BC Trailer Guy for keeping my rig maintained an luxurious for all the travels.

Jodie Neudorf for helping me down the road as well. She has one of the nicest studs out there. Frenchs Hula Guy who is producing some pretty outstanding offspring in the barrel horse world. Both my mares are outta him. And I have some more young ones coming up outta him.

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