Consistency Pays Off

by Michelle on November 18, 2015

One thing for sure is Little Miss Wicked and Nancy Csabay aren’t one run wonders!   Consistency has been their platform all year long.  Not having won a rodeo this year the duo went to the 2015 Canadian Finals Rodeo as the Season Leaders.  They carried through the finals in just the same manner.  Nancy and Wicked placed 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 4th and 2nd in each of the 6 rounds.  One good run at a time they claimed the average cheque and placed in every round to have won over $57,056 at the finals and the Canadian Championship.  Nancy won more than any other contestant at the finals to claim the Top Gun award as well.
It didn’t feel that long ago that we interviewed Nancy after her Canadian Barrel Futurity – Derby Championship but Wicked is now 11 and that was back in 2011.  Consistency was their “thing” back then too so it’s not surprising Wicked has grown into such a solid rodeo horse.

Thank you Nancy for taking the time to answer these questions we had after your big win in Edmonton.

Nancy Csabay – 2015 Season Leader, CFR Average Winner and Canadian Champion. Winner of over $57,000 at the CFR. How did it feel to hear that? That’s you!
It feels surreal, almost like it never happened. Like it was just a dream I had during the night.

Wicked won the BJ Memorial Ladies Barrel Horse With The Most Heart, how did you feel hearing that news and accepting the award for Wicked?

From left to right Scott Byrne presenting Nancy along with the BJ Memorial sponsors Marci and Billy Laye.

From left to right Scott Byrne presenting Nancy along with the BJ Memorial sponsors Marci and Billy Laye

This award to me is the most prestigious award because all of my competitors voted for Wicked over their own. I felt honored and humbled by them. Their horses deserve it just as much as Wicked.

Tell us about Wicked’s dam and what made you decide to breed her to Terribly Wicked?

We bought Reba from Sandy Ridge Stallion Station-Doug and Carol Schaffer when she was 3. She got caught in a barb wire fence and almost cut her foot off, so she was behind when it was time to futurity as a 4 yr old. Back then our futurities were all 4 yr old futurities up here. I decided to futurity her as a 5 yr old in Gillette WY and she made it back to the short go and at Billings where she won the first round and tipped the second round to do good. She was a gritty mare, running with her ears pinned back, and gave 100% every time. Because of that, she wouldn’t last more than 5 runs before she would get sore from the wire cut injury, so that’s when we decided to start breeding her. We had 1 foal off of Reba and then took her to get bred to Terribly Wicked but Lewayne Branden was hand breeding at the time and Reba was a barracuda when the stud would get next to her and her foal. So we scrapped that idea and I took her back to Sandy Ridge. The next yr, Terribly Wicked was standing at Sandy Ridge and so we had Reba bred to him there. The following spring we had Wicked. The reason we picked Terribly Wicked was he has some great bloodlines, son of Streakin Six, he was a nice size and put together nice.

Obviously she’s very special, but did you have a feeling she was going to be a champion all along?
She is amazing in my eyes. Isy (Isabella Haraga) and my dad came to see our herd one day when Wicked was a yearling and said, “that’s my pick”. Isy was someone I looked up to, so her opinion mattered. Then a year later, my brother, Brian, came to look at the herd. He does touch for health and muscle testing and he says,”Wicked’s going to take you to the top”. I didn’t think too much about it, but it was always in the back of my mind. I wondered how it was going to work out.

Little Miss Wicked  - click to enlarge pedigree

Little Miss Wicked – click to enlarge pedigree

Her name “Wicked” is a bit intimidating. It sounds like she may have a few quirks, or is it just because she’s wicked fast!?
I think all exceptional horses have a few quirks. When I first started Wicked as a 3 yr old, we would have a little argument for the first 10 min of every ride for a yr. She thought she knew everything. Of course I thought differently. Then after that year, it got easier and easier. Another quirk she does now is pull back at my little aluminum trailer. She doesn’t mind riding in it, but hates standing at it. I’ve scared her a couple of times going into the front tack and making noise, so now she hates it.

-Does Wicked have any siblings? What makes her different from the others?
She has 10 siblings. All the foals out of Reba are different. Maybe it was in her cards to excel in barrel racing? I don’t know. It just seemed real easy for her and she always wanted to go faster than I thought she was ready for. So I thought one day when she was 4, “you want to run Wicked, let’s see what you can do”. So I let her go her speed, not mine, and I giggled through the entire run. My eyes were watering on the way home from 3rd barrel because she was running so fast.

– You made very consistent runs at the CFR, but is there one that stands out from the others as your favorite?
The last run stands out because we just had to leave the barrels standing and we did!

-How do you prepare for your runs with this horse (warm up etc.). Did you do anything different having to make 6 runs in the same arena?
I do a lot of walking in my warm up. Then trot and lope and walk some more. I like to do some reverse arcs to keep her shoulders free . I don’t do anything different than any other warm up on her. Wicked is really calm in the side alley leading up to the main alley. So she actually keeps me calm. We are one.

-What are your plans for next year with Wicked? Will you rodeo in the South this winter?
My plans are to kick her out and have her enjoy the time off. I’m not a huge fan of rodeoing south only because I don’t want to leave my family. I don’t want to miss out on anything my daughter, Kate, does. So I don’t think ill rodeo south, however, it looks like I may get an invite to semi finals of the American. So I’ll see what happens when that time comes.

-What kind of saddle do you use?
13.5 in Coats, drop down rigging

-What kind of pad do you use?
Classic Equine with raised withers

-What kind of bit do you use?
Dave Elliot. I think it’s a #8. Short shank gag with 3 piece mouthpiece and roller

– What kind of products, therapies and/or supplements do you use to maintain your horse throughout the year?
Vita stress supplement, love it and Wicked will actually eat it!. Some bleeder herb from Dr Happy in TX, stress Dex electrolytes, and Equipulmin to mix in the supplements with a coffee can of whole oats. I have a nebulizer that I was using every 3rd day with 5ml of chelated silver. I use a hay steamer when feeding hay. But now that she’s kicked out, she’s on a round bale with an Econet over top. Love my econet!!

– The Equiwinner patch has been part of your program, what types of benefits have you seen from using the patches?
Yes Equiwinner is part of my program. It’s simple to use and reasonable in price. My brother tested it on Wicked to see if she needed it and she did, so I’ve been using it ever since. It balances out her electrolytes and seems to work great.

-If you were to share a barrel racing tip what would it be?
KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t over complicate things. Be in the moment and enjoy every moment, whatever that may be. Know that you are already a champ no matter what the outcome. Don’t get mad at your horse for your own mistakes, because that’s all they are are mis-takes

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Of course I have to thank my husband ,Tony, for all he has done for me. I wouldn’t want to be on this journey with anyone else but him. I’m so grateful for him in my life. My daughter, Kate, has taught me so much about myself. I see me in her eyes…her stubbornness, her arguing ability, her toughness, her kindness, her caring,and her love. All of those traits I have and have given to her. I’m the luckiest gal to have her in my life! Mike Powelson is my farrier. He has kept Wicked going from the beginning and I’m so grateful for him. He helps me out when I pull a shoe and is so willing to educate me on the horse’s foot. I’m so happy he’s in our lives. Dr Heather Smith, our local vet in Taber is a Godsend. How lucky am I to have such a great vet in such a small town. I trust her with all my heart and only have great things to say about her. Barbara, with Equiwinner, has been so supportive over this last year. I’m so glad she contacted me a year ago. You all should give Equiwinner a try…it can’t hurt, doesn’t cost you much and it might help your horse.


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