Crimewave Offspring Wins Inaugural Super Stakes Race

by Michelle on October 16, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend 2013 marked the inaugural Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive Super Stakes race.  The CBHI program has been building momentum with many stallions nominated, but only those colts chosen for a Super Stakes Certificate are eligible for this special race.  Foals are eligible to obtain a certificate 1 of 3 ways.  They can be sold through the CBHI sale, be the result of a breeding sold through the CBHI auction or be one of the breeders farm picks.

This years winner was Foxy Rose Bug.  Bred and owned by Milt Rigetti (Rigetti Farms Ltd.) of Moose Jaw, SK.

Viva, Randa and Milt

Viva, Randa and Milt



This mare was one of Milt’s farm picks and was trained and raced to the win by Water Valley, AB trainer Randa Nugent.     The eligible horses entered in the CBHI Futurity and the Super Stakes horses were noted in the program.   The winner was decided based on the fastest of the two long go runs each Super Stakes horse made.    In this case, Randa ran a 17.65 in her first go and took the lead.  In the second go the duo had a bit of trouble with a slip that cost them a lot of time.  They then had to sit anxiously and watch the other Super Stakes horses make their second run to see if they could better her time from the first round.   In the end, this Crimewave mare who comes from a family of champions has started her own record of earnings in a big way.  $10,350 was paid to the champion horse and $3450 was paid to the champion breeder.   4 places were paid (event results here).

We connected with Randa to have her answer some questions about Foxy Rose Bug
What is Foxy Rose Bugs’s barn name?
Viva-How long have you been running barrels on her?
I took her to Arizona with me in January 2013 and when we got there I was only walking the pattern but the time I left she could high lope thru it.  I was pretty worried I wouldn’t be able to get her caught up to all the other futurity horses in time but she proved to be pretty easy to train.

Click to view

Click to view pedigree

-What is the training background on this horse?Viva was started by Shawn Williamson from Mankota, SK and had been pasture rode as a 4 year old.  When I got her in Dec 2012 she hadn’t even been into an indoor arena before.

– How would you describe this horses running style?
I feel Viva is a 4×4 style – running all the way around the turn with lots of drive off the barrels.  

-What is it you like best about her?
She is an “old soul”.  I love her try and determination.  She is a little horse with a huge heart.

– Of the runs you made on this horse (on the CBHI weekend), which was your favorite and why?
The first run we made is the fastest time we have had on a standard pattern so I was pretty happy about that. 


Here’s the money run:

-How do you prepare for your runs (warm up etc.)?  Does this change having to make more than one run in the same arena?
I just try to keep her loosened up by walking, trotting and some loping.  She can get pretty revved up so I just try to keep her calm and relaxed.  I try to keep my warm ups the same everywhere I go to keep us on a routine.-What kind of saddle do you use?
Double J Pro

-What kind of pad do you use?

-What kind of bit do you use?
Sue Smith Spur Up with the twisted wire dog bone mouthpiece made by Dave Elliott-Are there any specific goals you set for yourself and your horse this season?
I wanted to try to stay consistent all season. It is hard on the younger horses to run all season and stay level from start to finish.

Randa Nugent CBHI Super Stakes Winner
– What are the future plans for this horse?
I will be running her at the derby’s next year and maybe a rodeo or two. 
-If you were to share a futurity/derby horse training tip what would it be?
Just be patient with the horses, knowing there will be ups and downs in the season and sometimes slowing things down will smooth out any issues that have come up. 
Randa has a few people she would like to thank:
I would love to thank Milt Rigetti for giving me the chance to ride such a neat horse!  Foxy Rose Bug only stands 14.2 (with shoes and a saddle pad LOL) but she has a huge heart and gives her all every time! 
I would also like to thank my sponsors, Hooligan Designs, Oxy-Gen Canada and Pro Equine (Cactus Gear).
And I couldn’t have done any of it without the help and support of my mom, Monica Wilson, everything from picking me up to, warming up horse, doing chores and just being there for me!
For more information on the Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive and the Super Stakes program CLICK to visit their website.
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