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by Michelle on November 12, 2014

Coming into the 2014 Canadian Finals Rodeo, Medicine Hat, AB cowgirl Steffanie Mather was 4th in the season standings.  Placing in the first two rounds, she started to make her move up the standings latter.   Winning the 3rd round and making very solid and consistent runs, she quickly became a championship contender.    Mather and her 14 year old buckskin gelding Bucky, were rookies at the finals in 2013 and used their experience this year,  to remain composed throughout the finals.   The duo placed no worse than 3rd in each round.       Nearly a half second ahead of 2nd place Brittany Diaz in the average, Mather added the average win to her earnings to a total of $58,442 won at this years finals.   She had $20,832.78 won coming into the finals.

Not only will Steffanie have a bit of money to pad her pockets, she won a saddle, buckles, a ring, watch and a $15,000 voucher towards a new Dodge truck.  This win also qualifies her for the highest money added rodeos in the world.  Steffanie is now eligible to run at Rodeo Houston, Calgary Stampede and has a by in to the All American Rodeo Semi Finals.     For all you fans out there, this is just the beginning of Steffanie’s ride, we get to follow her success all winter and into 2015!

Congratulations Steff and thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for us.

– What is your horse’s registered and barn name?

Click To Enlarge Pedigree

Click To Enlarge Pedigree

Sisikas Buck “Bucky”

-How long have you been running barrels on him?
7 years

-What is the training background on this horse?
I bought him late in his 7 year old year from Kevin Pole, he had done some working cow horse with him and he was pretty broke so when I started him on the barrels he came fast.  He was a natural at it right from the get go! He’s extremely spooky and could get hot pretty easy so it took a little work in that department, he’ll still spook at the weirdest things but when he’s in the arena making a run he’s zoned in on his job. 

– How would you describe this horse’s running style?
He’s the most consistent horse I’ve ever swung a leg over! Makes the same run every time, he’s turny, but stays free enough to not worry about tipping barrels.  He’s so fun to ride, he just floats! 

-What is it you like best about him?
His personality! You can just tell he’s a confident horse, people just love him and he loves the attention! He can be a jerk at times but he’s quite the character. 

Steffanie Mather 2014 Canadian Barrel Racing Champion

Steffanie Mather 2014 Canadian Barrel Racing Champion

– Which run at the CFR stands out as your favorite and why?
Probably the last one, I knew I just needed a clean run and we did it! Getting around that 3rd was the most exciting moment of my life!-How do you prepare for your runs?   Did you have to adjust your usual routine at all during the CFR?
I don’t do a lot on Buck, and I don’t like to do an overly long warm up.  Lots of long trotting.  I’ll supple him up a bit and make sure he’s got his game face on and then lots of walking to keep him warm till our run.  I didn’t really do anything different at the finals, just had to adjust to a smaller warm up area.-What kind of saddle do you use?
Talmadge and Mike Green Saddle-What kind of pad do you use?
Impact gel

-What kind of bit do you use?
A Dave Elliot 3 piece mouth piece with a short shank 

-What was your goal and focus heading into the CFR?
I just wanted 6 solid clean runs and to win a go around, it far exceeded my expectations!! 

-You won a good chunk of change at the CFR.  Do you have any big plans for that roll of cash?
 I’m going to finish paying off a student loan, I’m buying a new trailer, and going to head south after Christmas, I’m also going to put a good chunk of it away, I’m going to be as smart with it as I can

-Are you going to head South and hit the winter rodeos?
Yes, that’s my plan and I’m pretty excited for it!! 

-We interviewed you in 2011 when you were burning up the CCA trail.  What are some differences you have found now that you run at pro rodeos.
I’m a lot more confident, at this level you just have to go for it every time. Playing it safe won’t get you to the pay window. It becomes a huge mental game! 

-If you were to share a barrel racing tip what would it be?
Keep things as simple as possible.  And keep it fun! We’ve complicated the sport and let it get to our heads to much at times, we are blessed to be able to do what we love so enjoy every minute of it!

-What do you do when your aren’t barrel racing?
Right now I’m in Rimbey working on a buffalo feedlot, and the rest of the time I’m riding my up and coming superstars and going to jackpots, I’ve made this my full time job and career at this point in my life. 

– Steffanie would like to thank the following people:
I want to thank my parents and little sister for being there all week and being so supportive of my barrel racing career I wouldn’t be here without them, my traveling partner Chelsea Moore, she’s an amazing friend and played a crucial part in my success this year, my boyfriend Clayton Moore, he’s been so supportive and has made me a better person both in the arena and in life.  And a huge thank you to Lambert Trucking in Medicine Hat for sponsoring me throughout my career!

Watch Steff’s winning run from round 3 in this highlight reel.  Her run starts at 3:57 seconds in.

Complete Finals Results available here on the Rodeo Canada website

Ladies Barrels Results:

Click to enlarge 2014 Ladies Barrels Results

Click to enlarge 2014 Ladies Barrels Results

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