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by Michelle on December 29, 2014

It was the horse that called Bruce H. Robinson into the breeding business in 2009. A long time trainer of barrel and calf roping horses, Robinson has high standards when it comes to horses. Fiesta Royale fit the bill and now calls Robinson Ranch of Alix, AB home.

Robinson Ranch is the second interview in our featured ranch series. Thank you Bruce for providing us with some behind the scene information on your operation.

How long have you been breeding Quarter Horses? Tell us about the history of your ranch.
Fiesta Royale

Fiesta Royale

For 25 years the focus was training and selling barrel horses and calf roping horses. Fiesta Royale was purchased in November 2009 as a 2 year old. We started standing him in 2011.

What is your ultimate goal for your breeding program? What keeps you going during the hard days?
Fiesta Royale Ranching

Fiesta Royale Ranching

The ultimate goal is owning a stud who stamps his colts with quality traits. Great studs leave a stamp on their colts and time will tell if King is one of those studs. That will be the last chapter of his story. He has proven himself with his looks, breeding, ability, and mind, but until his progeny show his quality traits he is still just a stallion, not a great stallion. What keeps you going is there will be colts like him to train and ride because he was a trainer’s dream.

Tell us about your stallion and what made you pick him to promote
Fiesta Royale and Katie Garthwaite

Fiesta Royale and Katie Garthwaite

This is the short story on picking Fiesta Royale. Brent Lewis and I took a 2 year old gelding to the JB Quarter Horse Creating Legends Sale, November 2009.While we were there, looking at all the horses, we came to his stall, and he did something to me no horse has done in 25 years of buying horses. He made me want to be a stud owner, something I had never wanted to be. I kept going back, looking at him, trying to find something I didn’t like.
We were gambling on three things we thought he should have. He already had looks, conformation, and pedigree. We were gambling on trainability (he had not been started), whether he could actually breed a mare, and whether he could stamp his colts, which is so important to me for a great stallion. Brent and I took a chance and bought him. We asked Katie Garthwaite to show him in the futurities (which came to include derby’s and pro rodeos up to this day and the future) and so far everything I could have hoped for has happened. King is not done competing, and has won close to $40,000. He has proven himself to be an excellent breeding stud, and so far what we hear about his colts is very, very exciting.

What is your favorite part of standing a stallion to the public?
Fiesta Royale's Pedigree

Fiesta Royale’s Pedigree

The best is being able to share the dream of producing a great horse because ultimately that is what we are all striving for. Two other things that make it great are getting reports about the colts and how happy and excited mare owners are, that makes any stressful times worth it. And breeding great mares, because it is mares who make or break your stud.

If applicable, tell us about the mare power on your ranch.
We actually only have one owned mare and one leased mare right now, the kind of mare I’m looking for is very hard to find.
What would be one tip you could offer to owners shopping for stallion services?
Fiesta Royale Calf Roping

Fiesta Royale Calf Roping

In 25 years of training horses the most important thing to me has been the trainability of a horse. Not the looks, not the pedigree, not the color, etc. The horse that is the easiest to train will be your best horse. So look for a stallion that either he or his colts have been very trainable.

Could you offer any advice to someone considering getting into the breeding business?
Prepare for long term because stallions are like artists, most of them are old before people realize they are great.


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