Round 7 Recap

by Michelle on December 10, 2015

round7 (1)All the positive vibes from the North sent to Deb Guelly helped!    Deb rode Bud Light to a 6th place cheque and her most solid run of the week.     Jana Bean was another cowgirl who earned her first cheque of the week.  There were many changes in the average race, most notable was Lisa Lockhart who lost her lead in the average and rolled to 4th.   With 3 more rounds to go, things are heating up and you can be assured Lisa will be back to reclaim the lost ground.    While Sarah Rose McDonald now leads the world standings, it’s Callie Duperier who would win the world if it was over today.  She used Lisa’s tip to move up in the average lead.

In other Canadian news, Taner Milan continues to be solid.  Last night he placed third with a 3.9 and is now third in the average race.  From the Calgary Herald article : “It’s feeling really good,” Milan said after the seventh round on Wednesday night. “My horse is feeling absolutely outstanding. I’m just going to try and do the exact same thing every night, it’s worked out pretty good.”

In the riding events the cowboys were all heart, but didn’t have the scores to pull through for a cheque.  So close too.

Bareback:  Clint Laye 74.5 (when 75 was 6th) and Orin Larson spurred over the horses neck and touched the horse before the 8 second whistle .
Saddle Bronc:  Both Zeke Thurston and Tyrel Larson rode for 77 points but lost the last hole to Taos Muncy  who rode for 77.5

In the tiedown roping Shane Hanchey who is riding Nanton Alberta’s TJ had a time of 7.7 for sixth place.

Here is a link to all the results


Barrel Racing Footage from round 7

Results from round 7.

1. Sarah Rose McDonald 13.67 $26,230.77
2. Callie Duperier 13.87 $20,730.77
3. Michele McLeod 13.95 $15,653.85
4. Jana Pierce Bean 14.01 $11,000.00
5. Jackie Ganter 14.09 $6769.23
6. Deb Guelly 14.17 $4230.77
Sherry Cervi 14.28
Vickie Carter 14.29
Carley Richardson 14.40
Lisa Lockhart 18.76+
Mary Walker 18.88+
Cassidy Kruse 19.10+
Taylor Jacob 19.25+
Nancy Hunter 19.53+
Fallon Taylor 24.11++

Alexis Bloomer Live interviews Callie Duperier, Jana Bean and Jackie Ganter earlier in the week.   I just love what Jana has to say and the connection between these three ladies.
If you check out the Wrangler Network Youtube page there are many great interviews on there.


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