“Triple Threat” Quam wins CBF Hi Point

by Katy on December 3, 2013

After dominating the first Canadian Barrel Futurity tour stop at the Ponoka Ag Events Centre in mid-May by winning first and second in the average, rider Rusty Quam set the stage for one of her best seasons to date. Quam, armed with three promising five-year-olds was a real threat to the competition this season, and finished victorious as the 2013 Canadian Barrel Futurity Hi Point Champion.

Quam was honored to look back at each of her three great horses she ran this year. Rusty was proud to say that each horse won at least one futurity event during the season – a real feat for a horse trainer. One of those horses that was no stranger to the pay window was “ALG I Got Dat Look”, owned by Lisa Groves.

Shadow Hi Point Saddle

Rusty and Shadow receiving the 2013 CBF Hi Point Saddle 


What is “ALG I Got Dat Look’s” barn name?



Click to enlarge pedigree

Click to enlarge pedigree


How long have you been running barrels on her?

Shadow had a month on barrels as a 3 year old, a month in the spring of her 4-year-old year and then came back in the fall and stayed right through. She took to the barrels very fast and it was super easy for her. She wanted to go around them from day one.


How would you describe this horse’s running style?

In the spring I could really ask her and hustle her every step. Part way through the year she stumbled at a futurity and it spooked her. She didn’t handle the pressure as well so I backed the heat right off her. She came back really good in the fall again.
I really liked how fast footed she was in a turn. Even though it was hard to sit in the middle of, her feet were so fast she could be in the wrong spot one step and in the right spot in the next step. She is a very cool little mare that way.


Of the runs you made on Shadow at the last futurity, which was your favorite and why?

The first run I made at Ponoka was probably the best in my mind because I just let her cruse with no pressure from me. She still ran but it was all on her own and she was still fast.


How do you prepare for your runs?  Does this change having to make more than one run in the same arena?

My warm ups are basic and nothing really to them. I don’t warm the colts up a lot because I don’t want to take the edge off them. I want them to be fresh in a run so they feel like they can give me everything when I ask.

Making multiple runs in the same arena is sometimes a little tricky, especially the small ones. They tend to get short the more runs you make. Sometimes I just have to ask them for a little more each run. Sometimes that works on colts and sometimes that doesn’t!


What kind of saddle do you use?

Martin Crown C Saddle with a 7″ Gullet


What kind of pad do you use?

Best Ever Pad


What kind of bit do you use?

At the start of the year she ran in a Loomis Gag bit then went to an O Ring Snaffle then to a short shank snaffle.


Are there any specific goals you set for yourself and your horse this season and how did the outcome of the season compare to your original goals?

The outcome for this year was just awesome. I have been trying to win the Hi Point Futurity Saddle for a long time so it feels good to get that done. All three futurity colts were crazy good this year. All three of them won one or more futurities, which is amazing! I was very lucky to have these 3 in the same year!


Blue Is Rare, CBHI High Point Futurity Horse

Blue Is Rare, CBHI High Point Futurity Horse

If you were to share a futurity horse training tip what would it be?

Be very consistent in what you are doing on your colts. Change causes confusion and confusion causes panic.


You had such an exceptional year riding and winning on multiple horses, how do you manage to train and compete on so many?

All 3 of the colts I rode were very different. Shadow was so fast footed it was easy to get behind her, Stoli needed to be two handed going into her 2nd and 3rd barrels to keep her hip in and Blue was so long strided he makes you think there is no way he is going to get collected up to turn and with one bump he was setting to turn so very different horses all the way around.


How do you mentally prepare for each horse you ride?

My mental preparation is the same on all the colts I ride, I just try to focus on what I need to do on each horse.


Is there increased pressure riding a horse for a client instead of one you own yourself?

There maybe is a little more pressure riding a horse for someone else but every colt I get on I try to make them winners. Even though they are not all going to be great I give each colt equal opportunity to become great. You can’t let the pressure get to you on five year olds because they won’t handle it and they will feel it through you.


What are your plans for next year with these futurity horses that will now be derby eligible?

Shadow is back at Aaron and Lisa Grove’s place (owners). I’m not sure what their plans are with her.

We are going to Derby Blue some for sure and Dawn was maybe talking about sending Stoli with me to the Washington Derbies but we will see what happens.


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