Trula Churchill wins the 2011 CPRA Rodeo in Innisfail, AB

by Shayna on June 20, 2011

I just had the chance to interview Trula Churchill.  Trula just won the 2011 CPRA Rodeo in Innisfail, AB.  Her time of 16.57 seconds during the slack performance on Wednesday (June 15th) held up right through to the end bringing her home the first place cheque of $10,428.  For complete results from Innisfail click here.  Here’s what Trula had to say:

Worm's Pedigree - click to enlarge

-What is the name of your horse?  A Streak of Rita aka Worm
-How old is he? He is six years old
-How long have you been running barrels on him?  I raised him and then started going to futurities on him when he was four.  I started rodeoing on him when he was five.
-What is it you like best about him?  He tries hard every time, knows his job and does what I say.
-What kind of saddle do you use on him?  Old Circle Y Sports Saddle

-What kind of bit do you use in him?  Handmade twisted wire gag
-How do you keep your horse in shape while traveling?  I ride him everyday and do lots of long trotting and loping.  He doesn’t require   too much work.
-Can you tell me about your training & riding style?  It depends on the horse but i try to fit it to the horse.  Dee Butterfield started Worm so when I got him I was able to take him right to the pattern.  I let him do it the way he wants and what works for him.  I don’t try and make him do it how I want.
-What lead you to be a barrel racer?  It’s just something I have always wanted to do.  My family has always been involved in it.  My grandpa was a founder of the PRCA.  When it went on strike he was the 3rd man to sign the petition.
-If you were to share a training/rodeo tip what would it be?  To not worry about others and what they are doing and what they are doing with their horses.  You need to focus on and do what works for you and your own horse.

Trula would like to thank the sponsors and all the rodeo committees.

Trula was lucky to compete in slack as it got wetter and wetter!


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