Years of work and 17.514 seconds to win $23,400!

by Michelle on October 14, 2015

Jordie Likes of Valleyview, Alberta and Heavensent King Girl (Marsha) made a 17.514 second run and took home a $23,400 cheque for doing so.   The five year old mare was originally purchased out of the CBHI sale in Thorsby and has been in training for this big moment ever since.  This years CBHI Super Stakes payout was said to be $65,000.  It was divided between the Super Stakes eligible horses (75%) and the breeders (25%).   A portion of the pot was also paid to derby horses.  Dawn Vantersteen and Fittandfiren of Langruth, Manitoba won $5850 for their fast time in the derby.
Gwen Broderson at left holding the stallion cup.  Gwen will also take home $7800 for being the stallion owner.  Jordie Likes with Heavensent King Girl and  Jordie's Mom Tanya Likes at right. Photo by Kaylee Jo Henkelman visit Kaylee-Jo's website for your own futurity action shots.

Gwen Broderson at left holding the stallion cup. Gwen will also take home $7800 for being the stallion owner. Jordie Likes with Heavensent King Girl and Jordie’s Mom Tanya Likes at right. Photo by Kaylee Jo Henkelman visit Kaylee-Jo’s website for your own futurity action shots.

Super Stakes results:
1 – Jordie Likes – Heavensent King Girl  17.541  $23,400
2. Carman Pozzobon – Rip N Lady 17.584  $7800
3. Frenchs Haul To Fame – Rene Leclercq 17.698 $4680
4. Uleashed Ta Go Cruzen – Kandi Horn 17.835 $3120
1. Dawn Vandersteen – Fittandfiren  17.646 $5850
2. Rene Leclercq – Howes Jesse 17.647 $1950
3. Toni Dmetruik- Docs Book 17.647  $1170
4. Shayne Dodds – Moons Dyna 17.658  $780


The Super Stakes horses run with all the other CBHI Futurity entries, but the SS champion is declared by using each horses fast time from both the first and second rounds of the event to determine the champions.   The CBHI Futurity and Derby is open to any horse (CBHI eligible or not).  The champions  are determined by fastest combined time on all three runs.  The event took the top 15 times on 2 runs back to the short go.  The CBHI Futurity Champion was Katie Garthwaite on Shufire and the Derby champion was Julie Leggett on French Guys Effort.

We caught up with Jordie Likes to tell us about her horse Heavensent King Girl (Marsha) and what makes this winning team click.

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Click to enlarge pedigree

– When did you start Marsha on barrels? 
Marsha was started on barrels as a 4 year old in the spring of 2014.


-What is the training background on this horse?
Larry King put 30 days on her as a 3 year old and then Brook Robertson took her and started her on barrels as a 4 year old they both did an amazing job Marsha was definitely started right. When I got her back she was loping a nice pattern I took her to her very first jackpot March 25th 2015 and she handled it amazing, by her 2nd jackpot she was picking up gears.


– How would you describe this horse’s running style?
Marsha has a unique style I would describe it as very catty.


-What is it you like best about her?
Where can I even begin I love everything about Marsha her quirky and gritty personality to her beautiful color, but what I really love about her is she gives me 110% every time we are in that barrel pen.


What made this winning run so fast?

 I was completely in the zone and I rode her to the best of my ability, I was a confident leader and she took me exactly where I wanted to go!

Here’s Jordie and Marsha’s run:

Super Stakes Championship RunHeavensent King Girl aka Marsha
Our Championship Super Stakes Run

Posted by Jordie Likes on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

-How do you prepare for your runs with Marsha (warm up etc.)?

I like to take my time saddling so I can get mentally prepared for my run I try to never rush.  I do lots of long trotting to loosen her up and lope a few circles. I make sure she is responding, soft and supple.

-What are your plans for next year with Marsha?

Next year I want to get my amateur Rodeo cards make finals and win the finals and go on to get my Semi Pro card! I would also like to Derby Marsha next year lead the standings and make her Derby year a success as well.

-What kind of saddle, pad and bit do you use?
I switch between a Tammy Fisher treeless and a Marlene McRae Carbon Fiber saddle, I prefer to use the Tammy Fisher treeless on her because as tiny as she is, she’s a power house and the treeless helps me stay centered.
 I use a 5 star pad always, and Professional choice VenTECH Elite Sports boots. I use a Dee Butterfield Short Shank Chain Bit.

– What kind of products, therapies and/or supplements do you use to maintain your horse throughout the year?
Marsha gets Hoffman’s Horse Ration with Noni and Palladon mix into the ration.  I give her Chill Calming Formula by omega alpha and Oxy 02 Lung Care Performance Paste before I run her. Marsha gets body work done such as massages and thermal imaging, I use Back on Track Products.

Photo by Kaylee_Jo Henkelman.  Click to purchase your event photos.

Photo by Kaylee-Jo Henkelman. Click to purchase your event photos.

What was your goal and focus heading into this Futurity?
My goal heading in to this Futurity,  was to win the Super Stakes I stayed focused and I reached my goal its an amazing feeling!

-If you were to share a barrel racing tip what would it be?
Believe in yourself. It so important to believe in yourself! Go out there confident and positive and your horse will take you where you want to go!

Shout out to Jordie’s support system:
I would like to thank my sponsor Knight Measurement my parents Greg and Tanya Knight for everything they do I wouldn’t be where I’m at today with out them!

My Team – Peter Rogers, Marsha Farrier, Monica Kippers and Katrina Berry they do body work on Marsha and  Archibald Equine Veterinary Center. Thanks to all for keeping Marsha strong and feeling her best even after this busy season!

 Congratulations to the CBHI committee for putting together a great event!   Click here to learn more about the Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive.

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